Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!


rafa Dante said... stuff...i want more! hehehe
kisses baby!

Akali_Singh said...

Hey Ur stuff is really wkd... :P

tkkerouac said...

Hi, its Tracey
I met you at your place of work yesterday. You drew a picture for one of your customers.
This is a great blog. You are very talented. Come see my stuff, I just started out.
My daughter is the number one blogger in Canada. She is linked on my sidebar.
Do you think you would do a sketch of me?

Jarrett said...

Awesome stuff, Shiera!

Jodi Sandler said...

nice stuff shiera! and this one in particular, that's my dreamdate too!!

Animation Portfolio Workshop said...

fantastic character sheira! i love your stuff on this blog. would you consider linking your blog to the animation portfolio workshop character design blog? have a look... talk to you soon.


Jarrett said...

Yo, meant to also say, "Those hand gestures are REAL nice."